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Terra Footwear

Performance and hard work are two terms that jump to the table when talking about Terra Footwear. Need to be on the job in the dead of winter for hours on end? You go with Terra. Constantly switching from onsite work to presentations at the office at a moment’s notice? You go with Terra. Need a strong and affordable work boot that never sacrifices comfort or flexibility? Do we need to spell it out for you anymore?
Perhaps the best feature of the brand new Terra boot is the metal mesh lace that is able to be tightened and loosened with a simple turn of a crank. Not only does this save you a ton of time tying damaged laces, it also ensures your boots last longer and stay effective alongside a unique workplace that is constantly full of danger for your feet.
Besides having guaranteed security on the job, Terra boasts an incredible track record for innovation. It’s as if every time you turn your head, they step up their game with brand new styles, colours, materials, and other aesthetic qualities. Further, they have already made strides for footwear that is lighter, more supportive, slip-resistant, and molded closer to the shape of your foot for maximum comfort. The new metal mesh lace system is just one example of the steps Terra is taking towards a better, more secure, and more convenient boot that meets the ever-rising demands of different work environments.
Finally, you can have your Terra footwear faster and with the best cost to you because they are based in Canada. As a Newfoundland-based company, Terra knows about getting down and dirty very well, and this is obviously exemplified in their superb product. If you or anyone you know has a profession that gets their hands dirty, keep your feet clean and safe (at least) with Terra footwear!
Terra footwear products are available for purchase online at The official website will be up soon but in the meantime, give us a ‘like’ on Facebook or follow us on Twitter!

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Everything You Need to Know Before Ordering Tees For your Graduation.

fashion_4_slide_1_bg.jpgAre you part of your school’s grad committee? Figuring out where to order your set of custom T-shirts and sweaters? With the end of the school year fast approaching, the time is now to order for the upcoming festivities associated with your transition out of grade school or high school!

Up until pretty recently, it has been kind of a hassle to track down a printing company that could place your school logo, school crest, grad names, designs, etc. on hundreds of T-shirts and sweaters without waiting months for delivery and paying a fortune. Websites like have taken advantage of this by offering a standardized way of customizing your clothing however you like and ordering in bulk. The problem is, these kinds of services don’t really save you that much money either!

Allow me to explain. Sites like customink charge based on volume. The less you order, the more you pay. You can choose from a series of materials, but the cost can range from $15-$25 a T-shirt. Plus, adding artwork, designs, and lettering, adds to the price. From a business standpoint, this makes sense, but as a consumer, this is far from impressive. A small graduation or event with artwork involved can end up costing you about the same as one with minimal design for 40+ people. In addition, you are charged extra for one week or three-day shipping and for any size above XL. Finally, there is the currency issue. Almost all sites like customink price their merchandise in USD. That $15-$25 a T-shirt could quickly shoot up when navigating the checkout page, especially in this current economy (Jan. 2016 has a 45% devaluation on the Canadian Dollar). At the end of the day, you are looking at a hefty price tag that overshadows the specialness of any event.

Here is a simple breakdown of customink’s pricing:

Shirt Quantity 1-5 6-10 11-20 21-50 51-100 101+
White Shirt (in USD) $20-$21 $13-$20 $9-$12 $6-$9 $5-$6 $4-$5
Black/Color Shirt (in USD) $24-$25 $14-$22 $10-$14 $8-$10 $7-$8 $5-$6

If you’re still reading this, you obviously want to know what the solution is. Well, we wouldn’t be writing this if we didn’t have one!

Uniforms and INK ( is your one-stop destination for all things printed. Our specialty? Customized printing on clothing and fabrics! What differentiates us from the competition? Where do I begin…

With uniformsandink, if you want 3 T-shirts, you get 3. If you want 103, you get 103. Want one at 2XL? No problem. Want 12 logos on a sweater? Done. There are no extra charges, no shipping costs, and it’s all local, Canadian-made products. That means you don’t have the exchange against you either. What you receive is a quality product that is fairly priced, quickly delivered (or picked up), and has you dealing with your neighbours, not a faceless American website.

We know your graduation is important to you and that is why we are here to make the process of clothing and uniting your grade quick, easy, and cheap! We at uniformsandink wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors. is a new and emerging e-commerce site that is the child of 5 other specialized uniform and printing companies. If you still remain unconvinced of the quality and pricing of our assortment of products, visit our website and give us a ‘like’ on our Facebook page (Uniforms and INK).